As a leading wild hog outfitter in the state of Florida, we take pride in offering the most affordable hog hunt available to you and your family or friends. Experience matters — we offer decades of hunting experience and have been offering guided hog hunts for ten years. We have been featured in "Woods 'N Water Magazine" too many times to count, and have hosted several Warrior Hog Hunts. We believe in sharing our blessings and are happy to donate hog hunts to your next fundraiser or event. We are known for our "Florida Cracker" hospitality. So, come on out — we really look forward to meeting y'all!


At Tiger Island Outfitters, we accept all major credit cards and cash. Find information on prices below. (Note: Prices are subject to change.)

  • Single Hogs (Up to 100 Pounds) — $150 (Add $1 per Extra Pound)
  • Have Your Hog Skinned, Quartered, and Packed on Ice — $30 ($50 for hogs over 300lbs)
  • Spectators/Non-Hunters/No Kill — $50
    Guide Fee - 20% Added to Final Bill


Deposits are required, and they will be subtracted from your total bill. Deposits are non-refundable; however, with sufficient notice, we can apply your deposit to another day.


At Tiger Island Outfitters, we permit any legal weaponry except .22s. No weapon? No problem. Gun rentals are available.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for placing an ethical kill shot on your hog. We charge a Wounded Hog Fee if we are unable to recover a hog that is wounded as a result of poor marksmanship.


Dress for the weather — we hunt rain or shine. We also recommend that you invest in Thermacell repellant, as it deals with most of the flying and biting bugs here in Florida.